Stripping down wind turbines

Separation of the parts by their various material types

Wind turbines contain a multitude of composites.

Wind turbines contain a multitude of composites.
Wind turbines are made of a variety of materials. The foundation and tower are largely made of steel and concrete, whereas the rotor blades may contain balsa wood, resins, steel and carbon-fiber reinforced and glass-fiber reinforced plastics.

Innovative processes for clean stripping-down of composites.
This wide variety of materials needs to be stripped down and separated before recycling a wind turbine. Many waste management companies reach their limits when faced with composites that are difficult to separate. ROTH International has the know-how required for processing these materials. ROTH International's continually evolving signature methods make separation easy as can be.

Innovative separation technologies - by ROTH International

We offer the one-of-a-kind know-how you need for optimized wind turbine dismantling

Increased resource efficiency thanks to innovative disassembly.
ROTH International has decided to tackle the difficult task of composite handling by evolving its own signature methods for optimized project delivery. In cooperation with research institutions, the developments of ROTH International are available for application in projects.

Optimized results & increasing sustainability in the resource management.
Even while cutting the wind turbine, ROTH International's cutting methods ensure that the work will be done efficiently, without sparks or dust generation. Even stripping down the composites into single materials is a clean process, thanks to this innovative technology. This provides the perfect foundation for environmentally friendly recycling. Thanks to our thorough knowledge of composites and CFRP / GFRP objects, we also have the skills and capacity to strip down other items:

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Stripping down of CFRP/GFRP from wind turbines

ROTH International is constantly working to improve its separation techniques for composites

Rotor blades are those parts of the wind turbine which consist mainly of CFRP / GFRP. Fiber-reinforced plastics often cause problems during cutting, separating or recycling - but not for ROTH International. Our special techniques enable us to dispose of your rotor blades in an environmentally friendly manner:

Thanks to our experience in selective demolition, we have the skills and capacity for processing and disposing CFRP / GFRP composites:

All-in-one solutions for wind turbines

Complete disposal of wind turbines - offshore and onshore

Complete handling all the way to disposal - by ROTH International.
Our portfolio encompasses all works and services required for dismantling your wind turbine. All works & services are performed exclusively by ROTH International's staff. We handle the complete dismantling of wind turbines, from cutting to stripping-down to recycling all the way to disposal. We provide all services from a single source.

Disassembly of wind turbines - unaffected by external factors.
In our work, we are not dependent on factors like infrastructure, location, the nearest power source, or other factors. Even the size or material of a wind turbine is not a criterion for ROTH International. We will dismantle any obsolete wind turbine regardless of its location or size - whether on land or on water.

Our approach to stripping down wind turbines.
We always start by removing the rotor blade, dismantling the nacelle, and disassembling the tower into its individual parts. Our special techniques make the cutting of wind turbines fast and effective. The individual materials must be neatly separated from each other before recycling so that they can be processed. Recycling produces recyclable secondary raw materials. Non-recyclable materials are professionally disposed of. We believe in the responsible use of our resources and the professional disposal of waste products.

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