Commercial Aircraft Disassembly & Demolition

Effective end-of-life aircraft demolition

Worldwide disassembly of aircraft independently of external factors

We are global players in the decommissioned aircraft demolition business.
We have made it our job to disassemble your decommissioned aircraft. We strip down non-airworthy aircraft into easily transportable components right on site. For the disassembly, dismantling and storage of airworthy aircraft, we are using rented hangar space in Karlovy Vary (Czech Republic). Regardless of location, infrastructure or any other factors, we have the know-how and capacity for disassembling aircraft all over the world.

Special procedures developed by ROTH International for effective aircraft disassembly.
We believe that end-of-life aircraft, passenger aircraft, jets, etc., are a valuable "source of raw materials". It takes professionals to ensure professional disposal. ROTH International's team has the know-how to strip aircraft down into their individual components - with particular speed & efficiency.

Painstaking planning for ultra-fast aircraft demolition.
Even when first inspecting an object, Michael Roth usually knows what technical and logistical challenges to expect. We will then develop a detailed plan for disassembling the aircraft. Thanks to our profound know-how & long years of expertise, we know how to respond quickly & efficiently to unforeseeable challenges.

Aircraft disassembly in accordance with AFRA

ROTH International is a member of the Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association

Sustainable disassembly of aircraft with due consideration of the applicable environmental standards.
As a member of the Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association International, or AFRA, ROTH International performs its disassembly services in compliance with Best Management Practices (BMP). Our work is performed in compliance with the leading standards for safe, efficiently & eco-friendly aircraft demolition.

New and innovative methods for successful disassembly.
As a member of AFRA, ROTH International has access to and uses research institutions to develop and fine-tune the latest disassembly techniques. This allows us to constantly optimize the methods used. In addition to dismantling methods, we are also working constantly to develop new cutting and separation technologies as well as cutting-edge recycling alternatives.


You care about the eco-friendly and effective disassembly of your decommissioned aircraft?


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Total entire aircraft disassembly

Cutting, stripping-down, recycling and disposal - by ROTH International

Reliable disassembly without involving external service providers.
ROTH International handles all steps of dismantling of your aircraft. Using special cutting and separation technologies, we cut the aircraft's components down into smaller-scale parts.

Neat disassembly for maximum recycling & reuse.
When stripping-down an aircraft, we separate and sort the parts neatly by materials - the first step in environmentally aware recycling. All recyclable materials will be returned to the secondary raw materials market. All non-recyclable materials will be properly disposed of by ROTH International in its capacity as a certified waste management company.

Total aircraft disassembly - a one-step service by ROTH International.
This means that our staff handles the entire aircraft disposal including any logistical solutions. Thanks to our long years of experience & expertise, we are also qualified to handle the disassembly and/or demolition of other items such as:


Aircraft demolition even if containing CFRP/GRP materials

Innovative methods for dismantling CFRP/GRP items

Innovative methods for aircraft disassembly.
To preserve the sustainable use of CFRP/GRP resources, ROTH International has developed customized cutting and separation technologies as well as methods for the environmentally friendly recycling of aircraft. It is this specific know-now which allows us to handle CFRP/GRP sensibly & effectively when dismantling aircraft:

Disassembly of CFRP / GRP materials from aircraft
Up until now, specialist companies have reached their limits when it comes to cutting, separating, recycling and/or disposing of materials in a professional manner.

No matter the aircraft's location and condition. ROTH International will handle its complete disassembly.


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