Disposal of vessels / boats

Disposal of vessels & boats - all over the world

Professionally disposal of yachts, sailboats, and submarines - by ROTH International

Complete disposal of GRP boats and steel vessels - including removal.
ROTH International disposes of complete boats, sailboats, privately owned boats, vessels and yachts, etc. - made of GFK or steel. We collect your objects straight from the site, cut them down, strip them down, recycle them, and dispose of them in a professional manner.

One-of-a-kind solutions for professional disposal - also for boats & yachts made of GRP.
ROTH International has developed its own procedures for the professional disposal of the numerous materials used in GRP boats. The enormous longevity of boats made of GRP presents a problem for many boat owners. There are numerous private boats & yachts all over the world awaiting their disposal. There are hardly any waste management companies out there who have the skills to dispose of boats in an environmentally friendly way.

ROTH International has the skills for particularly effective disposal of steel vessels.
The disposal of steel vessels, on the other hand, does not normally present a major challenge to most waste management companies. We can guarantee a particularly effective approach - thanks to our experience & know-how.

Scrapping of old steel vessels

ROTH International - from removal to disposal

Worldwide disposal of steel vessels
ROTH International takes handles the entire disposal of your ship. We pick up your object directly from its current location - anywhere in the world.

Cutting and dismantling the steel body as part of the disposal process.
After removal, the ship is stripped down into smaller parts. We use the most innovative cutting methods, further developed by ROTH International. We strip down old vessels to their individual components (engine, electrics, metal, steel, etc.) to ensure effective disposal.

Professional disposal - thanks to innovative metal & steel recycling.
We process steel & metal for recycling. ROTH International uses innovative and effective methods for recycling materials - which are largely recycled for direct reuse. Only a few non-recyclable components or hazardous substances are left over, which are properly disposed of at the end of the process. As a certified waste management company, ROTH International is synonymous for the environmentally conscious handling of materials.

Scrapping of GFRP boats

Disposal by recycling of GRP for direct reuse

Sustainable solutions for the professional disposal of large quantities of GRP.
ROTH International is developing innovative recycling processes for glass fiber reinforced plastics. This is how we address the challenges imposed by the increased use of GRP materials. Nowadays GRP is often used in the construction of boats, recreational boats, and yachts. GRP allows robust and light designs while ensuring a particularly long service life.

Ecologically sound processing & disposal of GFRP by ROTH International
Innovative methods ensure the recycling of GRP boats - virtually without residue and for direct reuse. Thanks to its years of experience with GRP, ROTH International guarantees the safe and professional handling of these materials. That is why we are qualified to offer you additionally services for the processing and disposal of GRP:

Whether made of GFK or steel - we dispose all of your boats, sailboats, yachts, vessels.


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Certified Disposal of materials obtained from boats

Seamless documentation of boat disposals

Guaranteed environmentally sound waste disposal management for boats, yachts, vessels, etc.
According to Section 56 of the German Closed Substance Cycle and Waste Management Act (KrW-/AbfG), ROTH International in its capacity as a certified waste management company will dispose of all materials in an environmentally conscious manner. We perform the ecologically sensible recycling & disposal of materials in compliance with the minimum environmental standards. We guarantee that the entire disposal of a boat - disassembly, cutting, stripping-down, recycling and disposal - is carried out in a professional manner.

Every step of boat disposal process is accurately documented.
Our "ROTH Recycling Certificate" (RRC certificate) ensures seamless compliance tracking of all steps of the disposal. We tell you exactly where your materials were transported to and how they were processed & disposed of. You will receive a certificate at the end of the project. ROTH International will provide you with a guarantee for discreet handling of these data.

We dispose even of stubborn materials such as GRP in boats - always in an environmentally friendly way.


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