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Combining innovation with enthusiasm - we are happy to serve as your specialists for disassembly, cutting, stripping-down, recycling, disposal, storage & service

The brand new service from ROTH International


Rising to the occasion in the current crisis, we have pulled out all stops to provide our clientele with the safest and most convenient aircraft parking: Using precision measuring and sophisticated logistics, we are now offering facilities in Ostrava for short and long-term parking and immobilizing up to 100 aircraft of all types.


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Innovative cutting, separating & recycling methods - from ROTH International
We handle projects on a global scale and in outstanding quality - from disassembly to stripping-down all the way to recycling and disposal. For best-possible project handling and results, trust ROTH International's new and innovative methods & many years of professional expertise in the field! We are happy to rise to any challenge! ROTH International is your partner from Bavaria - working with heart and soul and tailoring the perfect solution for you.

Aircraft service with a passion

From aircraft parking all the way to aircraft recycling - the complete range of services from a single source: One-of-a-kind recycling technologies offering new possibilities for aircraft

Efficient logistics & seamless service: We are excited about every single project
ROTH International - your competent specialist for ultra-professional aircraft service. Drawing on years of professional experience and aided by efficient logistics, our team is happy to tackle every project from aircraft parking to stripping-down & recycling. With up to 100 aircraft parking spaces and heated hangar areas, we have the flexibility to handle any project and to provide the best-possible service on site.


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Aircraft parking, immobilizing & commissioning

We offer short and long-term parking for aircraft of all types


We offer just the right solution to meet any challenge our customers from the aircraft industry may have
We have risen to the occasion! Over the past few weeks, our team has been working full throttle, applying the latest technologies, to implement the best-possible solutions for our clientele. ROTH International did it! We are now providing professional and convenient aircraft parking!

Aircraft parking, immobilizing, A, B , C , D checks & delivery - the full range of services from ROTH International
Effective immediately, we can offer to park up to 100 aircraft of all types and sizes in Ostrava and immobilize them for extended periods of time. We handle all the necessary aircraft maintenance & repair works (A, B, C, D checks), we put your aircraft back into operation, and we ensure the professional delivery of your aircraft.

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Park your aircraft now with ROTH International


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Aircraft recycling - for love of our environment!

A second life for aircraft parts & raw materials: We use the latest methods for eco-friendly recycling of decommissioned aircraft - nearly everything is recovered and reused

Our professionals know how to recycle decommissioned aircraft - virtually completely, environmentally friendly & sustainably
Aircraft usually have a long life cycle, are carefully maintained, and remain in service for a long time. If, for whatever reasons, the time has come for an aircraft to retire, we recycle old aircraft in a particularly resource-friendly manner - by dismantling, cutting, stripping-down, recycling, disposal, and the sale of aircraft spare parts.

Disassembly and sale of aircraft spare parts
With our aircraft spare parts trade, we make a valuable contribution to a resource-friendly handling of aircraft parts. We remove any still usable spare parts from the decommissioned aircraft, store them professionally, and resell them.

Purchasing of aircraft
Roth International buys aircraft of all types. Whether airworthy or not. We are happy to dismantle for you any parts that are still usable, such as the cockpit, landing gear or engine, and to return them directly to you for further use.

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Aircraft parking & checking

Recycle your aircraft now with ROTH International


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Innovative recycling of CFRP/GFRP

Unique approach to the direct reuse of CFRP / GFRP

Special technologies for the processing & disposal of CFRP / GFRP.
ROTH International used novel cutting, separating and recycling methods. These ensure the virtually residue-free recycling of CFRP / GFRP for direct reuse. Most other waste management companies do not have the capacity for recycling composite materials.

Ecologically sound solution for the disposal of CFRP / GFRP.
ROTH International develops in-house solutions for the responsible disposal of CFRP / GFRP items. The demand for sustainable recycling solutions is rising along with the rising demand for the composite materials used nowadays in aerospace engineering, wind energy, shipping, the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, pharmaceutics, etc.

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One-of-a-kind: Lithium recycling

Complete materials recovery from lithium-ion batteries

One-of-a-kind opportunity for lithium recycling - implemented by ROTH International.
ROTH International is developing technologies for the complete recycling of lithium-ion batteries. We are working to enable the direct recovery of all battery components - even lithium.

New facility with lithium recycling plant.
Our new facility in Wernberg-Köblitz is currently being equipped with a one-of-a-kind recycling plant for lithium. Up until now, recycling has been limited to traditionally recyclable fractions like cobalt, copper, nickel or aluminum as there is currently no viable solution for lithium recovery anywhere in the world.

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You are looking for a specialist for disassembly, cutting, stripping-down, recycling & professional disposal?


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Certified waste management company

ROTH International is a professional disposal specialist according to Section 56 of the German Closed Substance Cycle and Waste Management Act (KrW-/AbfG)

As a certified waste management company, we are committed to the environmentally sound handling of resources. We guarantee efficient waste disposal management through constant optimization of existing procedures. We pay attention to complying with the environmental standards during the entire process chain - from start to finish. Besides, the industry-specific seal of quality awarded under the German Closed Substance Cycle and Waste Management Act guarantees certified safe disposal by ROTH International.

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