Cutting up rotor blades

Cutting CFRP / GFRP rotor blades

ROTH International is the expert for cutting techniques

We cut rotor blades made of CFRP / GFRP up into small parts. 
Large rotor blades are made of CFRP / GFRP. Following their disassembly, the rotor blades are cut up into transportable pieces. Up until now, the cutting, recycling and professional disposal of rotor blades has been considered relatively difficult. Only a few certified waste management companies know how to process composites like CFRP / GFRP.

The expert for cutting up rotor blades.
As an expert for dismantling, ROTH International is continually evolving its existing methods to ensure particularly neat separation cuts on rotor blades. Other specialist companies often simply don't have the methods required for cutting CFRP/GFRP.

We are the experts for state-of-the-art CFRP / GFRP rotor blade cutting.


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Safe rotor blade cutting

Innovative cutting techniques for composites

Cutting a wide range of materials found in rotor blades.
We know how to cut rotor blades safety and neatly - despite the different properties of the many materials contained. Today’s modern rotor blades are made mainly of glass-fiber reinforced plastics (GFRP). Particularly long models may also include carbon-fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) for stabilization. In addition, steel and metal elements are incorporated as balancing weights and lightning rods.

One-of-a-kind cutting techniques - by ROTH International.
Based on its research collaboration with Fraunhofer Institute, ROTH International has developed a range of signature cutting and separation technologies. This allows the hassle-free cutting of rotor blades and other objects made of composites - without sparks, without dust and without fragmentation. Only few specialist companies currently possess the skills for cutting up rotor blades.

Thanks to our expertise in rotor blade cutting, we also have the skills to process CFRP and even GFRP:

ROTH International also has the expertise for cutting up other composites containing CFRP, among other things:

The all-in-one solution for your rotor blades

Cutting, stripping-down, recycling and disposal - by ROTH International

All from a single source.
All services for the integrated disposal of rotor blades offered by ROTH International will be performed exclusively by our staff.

Special cutting techniques for rotor blades.
Dismantling a wind turbine also means dismantling of the rotor blades. After removing them, we cut the blades down to smaller pieces. Composites like CFRP / GFRP require special cutting and separation methods. ROTH International is developing innovations with a view to offering state-of-the-art, optimized technology.

Stripping-down, recycling & disposal - by ROTH International.
The parts are stripped down to their individual materials. Maximum recovery and recycling is not possible without very neat separation & sorting of the fibers. During recycling, the individual material fibers will be either reused or professionally disposed of by ROTH International. 

Expertise in rotor blade cutting

Our experienced team delivers effective cutting results - all over the world

We deliver results for our customers - all over the world.
As a global player, ROTH International handles all of your projects, anywhere in the world. We have a reputation for successful project handling, thanks to our expertise and know-how of customized cutting techniques.

We believe in thorough project planning for successful project implementation.
CEO Michael ROTH makes a point of travelling on site to personally review every single project. That is the time when important details are resolved in collaboration with the project manager. An experienced staff knows all about cutting up rotor blades quickly and effectively. The required tools are kept in van and can be used with ultimate flexibility wherever and whenever they are needed.

Time to get your rotor blades professionally disposed of? ROTH International guarantees effective cutting and environmentally friendly recycling.


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