Cutting CFRP / GFRP

The specialists for cutting CFRP / GFRP

We start where others reach their limits

ROTH International has reputation for particularly neat and straight cutting results for composites. 
We cut composites  which are combinations of multiple materials. Once assembled, they are no longer so easy to separate.

Cutting method for CFRP & GRP in various areas of application.
As a specialist for dismantling, ROTH International is familiar with these mixed materials and has devised ways to successfully cut your CFRP / GRP objects using special methods. Carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) and glass fiber reinforced plastics (GRP) are very popular in many of today's industries such as:

  • Automotive industry
  • Means of transportation (bicycles)
  • Energy technology (wind power)
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Aerospace engineering
  • Production waste from CFRP / GFRP
  • Finished products made of CFRP / GFRP, etc.

When it comes to disposing of such composites, many waste management companies hit an impasse.

Special cutting technique for CFRP / GFRP

ROTH International optimizes existing methods

Unique methods for cutting of CFRP / GFRP by ROTH International that are unsurpassed worldwide.
ROTH International is one of the few specialist companies possessing the most innovative techniques for processing CFRP / GFRP. Since cutting and recycling composites was previously considered problematic, ROTH International developed its own processes. We use in-house research and science and collaboration with various research institutions to develop our special cutting and separation technologies.

Safe separating cuts for objects made of CFRP / GFRP.
These new methods also allow us to administer cuts to other materials, for example when cutting metal (titanium). Composites can be cut safely without flying sparks, without dust, or without fragments.

We strip down and dispose of your CFRP / GRP waste or composites.


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Roth’s all-round package for objects made of CFRP / GFRP

Disassembly, cutting, stripping-down, recycling and disposal

Integrated support for the disposal of CFRP/ GFRP.
Thanks to our unique know-how about CFRP / GFRP, ROTH International is in a position to offer a wide range of services. We are one of a few specialist companies capable of handling the complete dismantling of your objects made of CFRP / GFRP.

Cutting & separation technologies for objects made of CFRP / GFRP - directly from the expert.
We use the most innovative technologies to cut even large plants made of CFRP / GFRP into smaller, easy-to-transport parts. After cutting, the composites are divided into individual materials. Due to the strong material bonding, the stripping down of CFRP / GFRP is normally limited to the realm of specialists.

Recycling and disposal - by ROTH International.
Particularly exact separation of the materials is a prerequisite for good recycling results. The materials are then either recycled in an environmentally friendly manner for direct reuse or professionally disposed of. ROTH International is certified as a specialist disposal company in accordance with Section 56 of the German Closed Substance Cycle and Waste Management Act (KrW-/AbfG) and as such guarantees that the disposal of CFRP / GFRP will meet the desired standards.


Cutting of objects made of carbon

ROTH International cuts composites from different industries

Excellent suitability of CFRP or GFRP in lightweight construction.
Due to their special properties, carbon fiber-reinforced plastics are particularly suitable for the construction of heavy-duty yet lightweight objects. This is why they are often used in the lightweight construction industry, for example in sectors like aerospace, renewable energies, automotive, etc.

ROTH International processes CFRP / GFRP objects across all industries.
Our expert know-how enables ROTH International disassemble, cut, dismantle, recycle and dispose of any objects originating from these or other industries. The innovative cutting techniques are mainly used for:

We operate worldwide for your objects made of CFRP / GFRP

We can work anywhere, thanks to using a special transporter

As a global company, we serve our customers all over the world. Michael Roth, CEO of ROTH International, goes right on site to assess the technical and logistical challenges of your object. Together with the project manager, a team of experienced employees is assembled to complete the job in the most effective manner. Always accompanied by a transporter carrying the necessary equipment, your ROTH team is on duty anywhere in the world.

Do you need specialists for cutting carbon or other composites?


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