Disassembly & demolition

ROTH International has long-standing expertise in selective demolition & disassembly. The project manager & CEO develop detailed plan including fast contingency solutions in case of emergencies.

Wind power plants demolition

Thanks to our team's flexibility, we will completely disassemble your wind power plant anywhere in the world - both offshore and onshore.

>> Wind power plants demolition

Aircraft disassembly

We disassembly decommissioned aircraft quickly and efficiently. Proactive project planning allows us to respond quickly to any difficulties which may arise.

>> Aircraft disassembly

As specialist for (selective) demolition & disassembly we have the team with the perfect skills for dismantling your object. Each project is carried out efficiently, following intense preparation & customized planning. In addition to the disassembly of wind power plants, aircraft, oil rigs, vessels or trains, we also offer

  • Hydro power plant demolition
  • Pipeline disassembly
  • Photovoltaics plant demolition
  • Chemical plant demolition
  • Dam demolition, etc.

We will find the best way to disassemble your object


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Integrated disposal of your equipment - anywhere in the world

From disassembly all the way to disposal - a one-stop service

ROTH International offers complete disposal of your equipment. We provide integrated disposal services and in addition to equipment disassembly & demolition we also perform works like

All works & services are carried out by ROTH International, a certified waste management company. We are active all over the world and respond fast and flexibly, regardless of location. We are at all times independent of infrastructure, power sources, or other factors.