Disassembly & scrapping of vessels / boats

Efficient scrapping of vessels & boats

ROTH International is in the business of disassembling objects all over the world

There is a worldwide need for sustainable disassembly services.
Vessels, trains or similar items will be decommissioned once they are no longer worth repairing. For example, over 1,000 cargo vessels are scrapped every year on the beaches of Bangladesh, India, Turkey or Pakistan - under marginal conditions and without regard for the environment.

Green options for scrapping vessels / boats, etc.
To make disassemblies more sustainable and cost-efficient, ROTH International has developed ways of disassembling, recycling and disposing of such objects in an efficient, professional and environmentally friendly manner.

Dismantling of entire vessels / boats

Integrated disposal by ROTH International

Complete project management by ROTH International.
ROTH International will handle the dismantling of vessels (cargo vessels, passenger vessels, sailing boats, submarines, yachts, etc.)of any size. We take care of everything - dismantling, cutting-up, stripping-down, recycling, and professional disposal.

Innovative techniques for handling a wide variety of materials.
When scrapping vessels and trains, the objects first cut into smaller-sized pieces. ROTH International has developed its own cutting and separation techniques to offer customers the most effective and economically priced services possible. Vessels, trains and similar objects are composed of a wide variety of different materials and composites. These need to be separated back to the individual materials when stripping down vessels / boats. During recycling, these materials are processed and resupplied to the secondary raw materials market. As a certified waste management company (pursuant to Section 56 of the German Closed Substance Cycle and Waste Management Act (KrW-/AbfG)), ROTH International will dispose of any non-salvageable materials in a professional manner.

Thanks to its expertise and know-how, ROTH International is also qualified to handle the dismantling of other objects such as the:

Thanks to our own developments in cutting and separation techniques, we have the expertise to dismantle just about any object.


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Environmentally friendly dismantling even of items containing CFRP & GFRP

Fiber composites in vessels / trains

Fiber composites in vessels require a particularly effective method of processing.
Nowadays, vessels and boats are typically built from CFRP & GFRP, among other materials. Thanks to their low weight, carbon fiber-reinforced plastics are increasing replacing steel for building objects such as vessels and boats. The fibers of the composites are reinforced by liquid resin to provide the requisite stability. However, the first problems are typically encountered when cutting down or recycling fiber composites such as CFRP / GFRP.

Professional handling of CFRP in vessels / boats by ROTH International.
Fiber-reinforced plastics present a major problem for many waste management companies. In cooperation with Fraunhofer Institute, ROTH International has been researching special cutting and separation techniques as well as methods for the environmentally friendly handling while recycling CFRP / GFRP and other composites. That is why ROTH International can guarantee the safe and professional handling of CFRP / GFRP:

Worldwide scrapping of vessels / boats

Every project needs to be planned and implemented individually.

As a global company, we handle projects everywhere, regardless of their location. We will dismantle both your vessels on the water and your boats ashore. Our managing director will personally accompany every job - from the first to the last step. Michael Roth will personally travel to the object's location and evaluate any technical or logistical challenges. Especially dismantling on the water needs to be well planned, due to the typically difficult conditions. The project manager, together with Michael Roth, decides which procedure to use. A specially assembled team will strip down the objects into smaller parts - in no time at all. Other objects professionally disassembled on the water by ROTH International include:

ROTH International will handle all of your objects, all over the world, on the water as well ashore, and we are not squeamish about any material.


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