Recycling & recovery of tires

Environmental friendly recycling of scrap tires

Raw material-friendly production of rubber powder and rubber

Reuse of scrap tires, elastomers and large rubber parts.
Every year large quantities of tires accumulate for disposal. About 40% of them are still burned, often in the cement industry. With ROTH International, you will find a resource-saving partner who not only disposing tires, but also processes them into high-quality rubber granulate and rubber powder. We produce the raw material for the environmentally friendly reuse.

We recycle:

  • truck tires
  • EM – earth-movers tires
  • AS – agricultural tires
  • Aircraft tires
  • Construction machines tires
  • forklifter tires
  • special rubber belt / conveyor belts
  • rubber chains / Excavator rubber chains
  • technical rubber scrap and production waste

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Cryogenic rubber powder made by innovative cryogenic milling system – a very special system makes it possible.
In a cryogen mill, ROTH International mills rubber granules at very low temperatures (about -160°C) with the addition of liquid nitrogen to the finest rubber powder. No molecular weight degradation, thermal, oxidative or devulcanization occurs in the polymer chains.

Depending on the customer's request, our fine rubber powder reaches from 50 μm up to 800 µm in the final stage. The excellent original rubber properties of the tire, or the technical rubber are retained. The product is almost odorless, free flowing and does not tend to agglomerate.


Shreds and rubber granules out of scrap tires

Use for rubber mats, flooring and other construction applications


Our rubber granules are available in various sizes from 0.5 to 8 mm.
Most rubber granulates are made from SBR / NR recycled tire materials.

By shredding entire tires and rubber parts, we obtain vulcanized rubber sorted in granular form. The metal and fibers of the tires are removed.

Shreds and granules of scrap tires, combined with a special adhesive, offers many possibilities for the production of new recycled rubber products, such as: e.g. sporting floors, safety or anti-slip mats e.g. as anti-slip mats under pallets for trucking companies.

Optimum quality with premium quality rubber

Processing unique high quality rubber granules and rubber powder

High quality rubber as the bases for best quality.
True to the motto "Good quality in > good quality out", ROTH International attaches great importance to a high-quality raw material. Tires and other rubber products are presorted and shredded separately to obtain a unique and pure primary material for further processing.


Saving time and costs during pre-shredding

Lightning-fast shredding of oversized tires and rubber parts

From tire to rubber shreds in just seconds.
The in-house shredder system from ROTH International quickly shreds your conveyor belts, excavator chains, solid rubber tires and tires of all kinds.

Oversize tires e.g. EM/AS tires of up to 4.5 meters in size can shred our shredder at once. A complex, manual pre-cutting is not necessary. Energy-saving results in just a few seconds, we produce pre-shredded rubber parts with a size of 20x20 cm, or in a second step, chips with a size of 2x2 cm.

We environmental friendly recycle your scrap tires, rubber chains, excavator rubber chains, technical rubber scrap and production waste.


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