Cutting aircraft

Cutting aircraft

Dry cutting, e.g. fuselage, beams, etc.


ROTH International will strip your aircraft down to its component parts.
As an expert for selective demolition, ROTH International is specialized in fast, easy and risk-free aircraft cutting. That is why we cut objects down to transportable size during aircraft disassembly for further processing.

ROTH International - the specialist for customized cutting methods.
The typically huge dimensions make the services of specialists like ROTH International indispensable. We have a reputation for making particularly neat and straight cuts. Because aircraft are known to contain an abundance of materials and are regarded as a valuable source of raw materials.


Cutting aircraft - all over the world.
Michael Roth will come on site to make an assessment of your item's technical or logistical particulars. A team of experienced professionals will be assembled specifically for each job. Flexible & independent cutting services - worldwide - fast & effective thanks to special equipment.

Eco-friendly aircraft cutting

ROTH International is a member of the Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association


Aircraft cutting in accordance with AFRA directives.
The Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association, also known as AFRA, is concerned about the environmentally friendly demolition of aircraft. As a member of AFRA, ROTH International has committed to the ongoing optimization of its cutting techniques and existing procedures in research institutions.


Guaranteed eco-friendly handling of resources - ROTH International.
It is prohibited to violate the leading standards for disassembly according to the Best Management Practices (BMP) when cutting aircraft. Commissioning ROTH International with the job will give you the confidence that your aircraft will be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.


Guaranteed reliable, environmentally friendly cutting of your aircraft - by ROTH International.



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Innovative aircraft cutting

CFRP & GRP materials require special processing


ROTH International guarantees straight cuts - even for CFRP/GRP aircraft components.
Up until now, it has been virtually impossible even for specialist companies to properly cut and dispose of carbon-fiber reinforced & glass-fiber reinforced plastics. That is where ROTH International comes in. These complex composites do not present a problem for us and respond well to our processing methods.

Innovative cutting techniques for successful crushing.
ROTH International has developed signature methods especially for this purpose. Our techniques allow us to cut aircraft without generating dust, flying sparks, or flying fragments.

Diamond wire as an invaluable tool for cutting aircraft.
Diamond wire makes it possible to cut large passenger aircraft, commercial aircraft, jets, etc., down into parts in no time at all. We separate the tail and wings, and then cut the tail into parts.
Effective cutting of CFRP/GRP aircraft - made possible by innovative methods. We also cut:

  • Cutting wind power plants
  • Cutting aircraft
  • Cutting refineries
  • Cutting oil rigs
  • Cutting vessels/trains

Thanks to our know-how, we will even handle the following CFRP/GRP containing items:

Integrated disassembly of aircraft

Cutting, stripping-down, recycling and disposal - by ROTH International


Wide portfolio of services in aircraft disposal.
We offer the disassembly, cutting, stripping-down, recycling & disposal  of end-of-life aircraft. Many years of experience have made us highly effective and successful in the disposal of entire aircraft.

Cutting aircraft quickly & successfully - with ROTH International.
The aircraft are cut into individual parts during disassembly. We use specially developed techniques for cutting problematic materials such as composites.

Neat cutting for residue-free aircraft recycling.
We strip down aircraft parts and sort and separate them by materials. A high degree of purity is indispensable for a high degree of recovery notwendig.  As a certified waste management company, ROTH International will handle the professional & integrated disposal of non-recyclable aircraft materials.


Time to dispose of your end-of-life aircraft?


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