Stripping down the components of your objects into separate materials is the basis of sustainable recycling. A high degree of purity when separating materials and fiber types allows maximum materials recovery. As a certified waste management company, this eco-friendly handling of your resources is particularly important to us.

Stripping down wind power plants

When stripping down wind power plants, a plant's individual components are picked apart and sorted into separate materials/fibers. We use innovative separation technologies to achieve the best-possible results.

>> Stripping down wind power plants

Stripping down rotor blades

Composite materials like CFRP / GFRP in rotor blades are very difficult to separate from the other materials. This process is optimized by ROTH International's innovative separation techniques, for sustainable recycling.

>> Stripping down rotor blades

Stripping-down aircraft

ROTH International aims to achieve a high degree of purity when stripping-down the difficult-to-separate materials in aircraft.

>> Stripping-down aircraft

Stripping down CFRP / GFRP

CFRP, also known as carbon fibers, are among the most difficult-to-separate composite materials. ROTH International's innovative methods are very much up to that task.

>> Stripping down CFRP / GFRP

When faced with difficult-to-separate composite materials, many specialist companies reach their limits. ROTH International has developed innovative separation methods designed to achieve a particularly high degree of materials separation. Stripping your equipment down to its single substances is key to the sustainable handling of our resources. 

We also do the following:

  • Stripping down hydro power plants
  • Stripping down pipelines
  • Stripping down photovoltaics plants
  • Stripping down chemical plants
  • Stripping down dams, etc.

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Integrated solution for your object

Integrated disassembly by ROTH International

As a specialist for demolition and disassembly, we will accompany your project from the start all the way to disposal. In addition to stripping-down, we also offer the following services:

All works are performed by ROTH International's staff. This means guaranteed optimum support throughout the entire process chain.