ROTH International

ROTH International

New facility: Soon coming to Wernberg-Köblitz

Long-standing expertise in demolition is an internationally sought commodity.
The company, originally a construction company, was established by Willibald Roth in 1976. For more than 20 years now, the company's main focus has been on the selective demolition & disassembly of equipment - all over the world.

Full service provider for a sustainable approach to disposal. 
ROTH International takes up a unique market position as experienced service provider for the integrated disposal of large objects. Our scope of solutions encompasses the disassembly & demolition, cutting, stripping-down, recycling and disposal of equipment. As a certified waste management company, ROTH International embodies ecological awareness and emphasis on sustainability.

Innovations developed by ROTH International.
Today, we are developing needs-specific innovations designed for increasing resource efficiency and recycling the raw materials back into the economic cycle - virtually residue-free. These innovative methods have been developed by ROTH International and are one-of-a-kind.

  • 2018
    ROTH International becomes a certified waste management company according to Section 56 of the German Closed Substance Cycle and Waste Management Act
  • 2013
    ROTH International becomes a specialist for special separation technology, selective demolition, ForCYCLE, etc.
  • 2010
    Added refineries demolition to portfolio
  • 2008
    Added special aircraft separation technologies to portfolio
  • 2006
    Added special separation technology to portfolio (Hilti)
  • 1997
    Added wind power plants demolition to portfolio
  • 1976
    Established as a construction company by Willibald Roth

Business locations:

  • Altenstadt
    Strategic headquarters
  • Wernberg-Köblitz
    A competence center for innovative recycling processes is being created here
  • Ostrava
    Office, landing areas and hangar space

An additional facility in Wernberg-Köblitz is currently in the planning stage. It will serve as the new headquarters of ROTH International as well as the sales office and admin center for international projects. We are also planning to add a recycling machine for lithium to our portfolio. ROTH International possesses the innovative technology to make the recovery of lithium-ion batteries possible for the first time.



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Innovative recycling of CFRP

Unparalleled recovery of CFRP by ROTH International

ROTH International is the world's only company of completely recovering carbon-fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP). The recycled material is reused as CFRP in aviation, medical engineering, aerospace engineering, automotive engineering, mechanical engineering, and for means of transportation. This innovative technology allows us to recycle CFRP, which is currently in high demand, back into the economic cycle without any quality losses.

Innovative method of lithium recycling

The secret behind ROTH International's specialist status: a pioneering spirit in research

ROTH International's innovations in the field of recycling have led to a historically unprecedented solution for direct lithium recovery. We have a responsibility to nature and we feel obliged to recycle as many materials as possible without leaving any residue. Our planned new facility in Wernberg-Köblitz will take us yet another step closer to this goal.


Disassembly & demolition - all over the world

Integrated project planning for individual solutions

Each project comes with a set of unique new challenges. We, the ROTH International team, have plenty of expertise and know-how for developing customized solution options to handle any object. Spontaneous and flexible, we go wherever our customers need us while always guaranteeing effective project management.


Special cutting, separating and recycling methods

ROTH International's techniques offer unique possibilities

ROTH International is continually evolving its techniques to achieve the best results. We see the needs that want to be addressed but aren't because the solutions are lacking or barely useful. Because we care about our resources, we have made it our goal to generate the highest-possible materials recovery rate. To achieve this goal, we are using the latest technological innovations for straight cutting, neat materials separation, and the recycling of virtually every material.


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