Stripping-down & separation of aircraft

Stripping down aircraft to their recyclable materials

Effective materials separation - by ROTH International

We strip aircraft parts down to their separate materials.

ROTH International will separate your aircraft's materials into single fibers. Neat separation technologies make all the difference for maximum recycling. There are only a few specialist companies in the market capable of breaking down the complex structures of materials (CFRP, GFRP).

ROTH International is the number one specialist for stripping down your aircraft.

Aircraft are made up of thousands of tons of materials. The sheer size of these objects requires specialists like us for stripping them down. The frequent use of CFRP & GFRP in lightweight construction, including aviation, makes effective project management a necessity.

Stripping-down of aircraft in accordance with AFRA

Separating aircraft parts - the sustainable & eco-friendly way

Neat stripping-down of parts for an environmentally sound approach to resource utilization.

The "Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association", or AFRA, has made the sustainable disposal of end-of-life aircraft its business. The Best Management Practices (BMP) guide was developed for specialist companies as guidance for environmentally sound disassembly.

Sustainable separation of aircraft materials.

As a member of the organization, it is important for ROTH International to comply with the standards. A guide is an effective tool for ensuring the safe, efficient and sustainable disassembly of aircraft. ROTH International uses research institutions to optimize its separation technologies and methods for ultra-effective aircraft stripping.

Special dismantling methods for aircraft

ROTH International makes a point of optimizing separation technologies for CFRP / GFRP

New processes for stripping down stubborn materials from aircraft.

ROTH International has made it its business to develop environmentally sound solutions for optimized separation of CFRP / GFRP materials. As of this writing, there are only a few specialist companies in the world capable of neatly separating so-called composite materials.

Elaborate separation technologies for aircraft parts for maximum materials recovery.

The separation of composite materials is regarded as particularly elaborate. ROTH International's innovative separation technologies ensure neat breakdown of the parts into single fibers. A high degree of purity when stripping down & sorting by fiber type/processing state is prerequisite for sustainable recycling.

Thanks to our know-how in the cutting, separating and recycling of CFRP/GFRP, we also have the expertise to:

We believe in stripping down your end-of-life aircraft neatly to guarantee maximum recycling potential.


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Integrated disposal of aircraft

Comprehensive stripping-down services for your aircraft - by ROTH International

From disassembly to stripping-down all the way to the disposal of aircraft - all over the world.
ROTH International takes care of all steps in aircraft demolition & dismantling. Our staff will disassemblecut, strip down, recycle & dispose of your end-of-life aircraft. All these services are one-stop - from ROTH International. We will strip down your aircraft anywhere in the word, regardless of the collection point or size of the decommissioned aircraft.

Detailed planning for successful stripping.
Intelligent project management is key to successful aircraft stripping. With our highly advanced cutting methods, we know how best to separate the tail, wings, and nose from the body - quickly & effectively, without flying sparks, without dust generation.

Neat stripping is key to maximum materials recovery.
Ultra-cleanliness is key when separating materials to ensure sustainable recycling. ROTH International knows how to strip down even difficult-to-separate composite materials with the aid of ultra-innovative separation technologies - the ideal prerequisite for sustainable materials recovery. Recyclable fibers are recycled to the secondary raw materials market. Non-recyclable materials are disposed of professionally.

Neat stripping-down of aircraft for sustainable disposal by ROTH International.

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