Recycling of rotor blades

We collect rotor blades all over the world

We process rotor blades irrespective of their shape and size

You will find that due to their size and properties, getting rid of rotor blades is normally quite difficult.
Specialist ROTH International will handle the collection and further disassembly of the various materials on our premises without need of disassembling the rotor blade into smaller parts on site.
Upon customer request, we will also be happy to pick up rotor blades from anywhere in the world.

Innovative rotor blade disposal

Special methods for environmentally compatible recycling

The rising demand for materials requires a sustainable solution for their disposal.
Although technical progress has already made the separation of composites possible, the current methods are still time and labor intensive. The large quantities of materials to be disposed of annually in future make the need for sustainable recycling methods ever more pressing.

ROTH International develops innovative methods for the environmentally sound disposal of rotor blades.
In collaboration with the Fraunhofer Research Institute and the "Rohstoffwende Bayern" research project, ROTH International has been further evolving innovative techniques for rotor blade recycling. Some of the composites can be reused directly after successful recycling. This recycling method has been optimized over several years for environmentally friendly and sustainable recycling.
Thanks to its recycling expertise, ROTH International also has the skills and capacity for recycling other materials in an environmentally friendly manner:

We are also happy to process other objects for the secondary raw materials market.

Environmentally friendly rotor blade recycling - by ROTH International.


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Recycling of CFRP/GFRP from rotor blades

Groundbreaking developments in recycling

Cutting processes and recycling methods developed in-house are used for the sustainable recycling of glass fiber reinforced as well as carbon fiber & glass fiber reinforced plastics. ROTH International is one of a few specialist disposal companies capable of recycling CFRP / GFRP in an environmentally friendly manner:

Complete rotor blade disposal

Optimized methods for increasing resource efficiency

Wide range of services for the disposal of complete rotor blades.
ROTH International handles the entire disposal of the rotor blades - including disassembly, cutting, stripping-down, recycling and professional disposal.

Implementation of the project plan - both offshore and onshore.
When dismantling a wind turbine, the are rotor blades removed and cut into smaller pieces. Rotor blades are made of composites, among other things, as well as balsa, resins, steel and other materials.

Recycling and disposal of rotor blades - by ROTH International.
For proper recycling, the materials first need to be separated from one another. We have evolved the existing techniques for optimized materials separation. The individual materials are then recycled or the rotor blades professionally disposed of  by specialist ROTH International in accordance with Section 56 of the German Closed Substance Cycle and Waste Management Act (KrW-/AbfG).

Trouble-free separation and sustainable recycling of objects made of CFRP / GFRP.


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