Commercial Wind Turbine Disassembly & Dismantling

We dismantle plants efficiently - anywhere in the world

ROTH International dismantles the components of wind turbines one by one

The dismantling of wind turbines involves a great deal of effort - both onshore and offshore. ROTH International's specialists are experts in efficient and cost-effective wind turbine dismantling. Our team works all over the world.


Successful disassembly - offshore and onshore

Every single project is planned individually

We adjust our approach to each project to specifically address the requirements of your wind turbine.
Every job is unique - that is why our CEO Michael Roth gets involved in every single project, every step of the way. When we have a first look at a project, we take stock of the technical & logistical challenges to allow predictive project planning.

Dismantling of wind turbines - offshore and onshore.
Given the difficult conditions at sea, good planning is especially essential for dismantling offshore wind turbines. Our experienced team knows how to master unforeseeable challenges in no time at all, making sure that nothing gets in the way of effective dismantling. As a global player, we are independent of factors such as location, infrastructure, or power sources at the collection point.

You care about the responsible & effective dismantling of your wind turbine?


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Dismantling from the rotor blade all the way to the foundation

Five services, a single company - ROTH International

Trust ROTH International to take care of everything - from disassembly to cutting to stripping-down and recycling all the way to professional disposal. We disassemble any obsolete wind turbine, regardless of its location or size.

Environmentally sound recycling & disposal of materials. 
We remove the rotor blade and the nacelle and strip down the tower into its individual parts. As a next step, we cut the parts down to a smaller size. These parts, in turn, are then stripped down to the individual materials. For proper recycling, it is necessary to neatly separate the materials from each other. Recycling the materials generates valuable reusable secondary raw materials. Non-recyclable materials are professionally disposed of

Integrated support from ROTH International.
If requested by the customer, we will be happy to remove the foundations and deconstruct the access routes all the way back to greenfield status. All works involved in the dismantling of wind turbines will be performed exclusively by ROTH International's staff. We make sure that logistical solutions will proceed smoothly thanks to our partnerships with partner companies.

ROTH International is also happy to handle other dismantling projects such as:

Repowering for sustainable energy supply

Dismantling makes room for new, more environmentally sound equipment

Dismantling of wind turbines for greater sustainability.
ROTH International goes one step further to ensure the sustainable use of resources. Environmentally friendly dismantling and recycling of materials for the secondary raw materials market or for direct reuse - that's what nature loves.

Intelligent disassembly of decommissioned equipment.
After approximately 20-25 years, wind turbines are no longer viable for the operator, whether for reasons of economy or safety. That is when companies like ROTH International come in to disassemble your plant. Obsolete wind turbines are in most cases replaced by newer and larger models. This so-called repowering delivers more benefits to wind turbine operators.

Cutting & recycling of wind turbines

Optimized cutting & separation technologies for CFRP/GFRP

The processing of CFRP/GFRP is only possible with special methods.
The rotor blades of wind turbines are made of fiber-reinforced plastic. In collaboration with Fraunhofer Institute, ROTH International developed special cutting and separation technologies as well as methods for the environmentally friendly Recycling rotor blades. This technique for processing CFRP / GFRP is virtually unique in the world.

ROTH International is your specialist for handling wind turbines and rotor blades alike:

Thanks to our specialist know-how, we know all about the sustainable handling of CFRP / GFRP:

Responsible disassembly of wind turbines - a guaranteed service from ROTH International.


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