Recycling & recovery

As a recycling-industry company, ROTH International is committed to the sustainable handling of recyclable fractions. Our aim is to increase resource efficiency through innovative recycling methods. We use optimized approaches to guarantee maximum recovery and recycling of raw materials back into the economic cycle.

Wind power plant recycling

We use environmentally friendly processes to recycle the materials of your wind power plants.

>> Wind power plant recycling

Rotor blade recycling

ROTH International's unique technology makes it possible to recycle rotor blades made of carbon fibers (CFRP) for direct materials recovery.

>> Rotor blade recycling

Aircraft recycling

ROTH International's unique recycling methods ensure maximum recovery of materials from aircraft.

>> Aircraft recycling

CFRP / GFRP recycling

ROTH International is virtually the only specialist company in the world capable of recycling CFRP & GFRP for direct reuse.

>> CFRP / GFRP recycling

ROTH International aims to play a leading role in the "recycling of raw materials". We are developing special techniques for optimum materials recovery. Many waste management companies reach their limit when it comes to handling materials like CFRP & GFRP or lithium. These novel methods are a true innovation in the field of recycling and serve to optimize the materials recycling processes. That is why our range of services also includes

  • Hydro power plant recycling
  • Pipeline recycling
  • Photovoltaics plant recycling
  • Chemical plant recycling
  • Dam recycling, etc.

We are your company of choice for sustainable recycling, especially when it comes to difficult materials.


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Your company for end-to-end recycling

ROTH International handles projects all over the world

ROTH International is your company of choice for the integrated, effective disposal of your objects. In addition to sustainable recycling methods, our range of services also includes the following:

All works & services are carried out directly by ROTH International. This integrated approach to disassembling your objects is the secret to particularly efficient project handling. Your benefit: you will be dealing only with a single point of contact, which obviates the need for making extra arrangements.