As a specialist for customized cutting techniques, we know how to cut every one of your objects down to its component parts. We always use the most appropriate method, depending on the material & circumstances. This allows us to act flexibly and to perform our works both on land and in the water. Customized project planning is the key to customized cutting of any object. Thanks to our long-standing expertise, we know how to resolve any challenges which may occur fast and effectively.

Rotor blade cutting

The ROTH cutting technology uses innovative cutting methods for neat and risk-free cutting of CFRP.

>> Rotor blade cutting

Aircraft cutting

The cutting methods specially optimized by ROTH International guarantee successful aircraft cutting.

>> Aircraft cutting

CFRP cutting

ROTH International's innovative cutting techniques ensure smooth separating cuts and risk-free object cutting.

>> CFRP / GFRP cutting

With our innovative cutting methods, we are one of a few waste management companies capable of cutting carbon-fiber reinforced plastics without any risk. Our trained staff knows how to handle these special kinds of materials and how to cut your objects effectively. Existing techniques are optimized by ROTH International and customized to your individual needs. That is why we have the capacity to also perform the following works:

  • Hydro power plant cutting
  • Pipeline cutting
  • Photovoltaics plant cutting
  • Chemical plant cutting
  • Dam cutting, etc.

We cut any object, whether made of steel, concrete, CFRP / GFRP, metals, or whatever.


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End-to-end solution for your object

Disassembly, cutting, stripping-down, recycling, disposal - all over the world

As a certified waste management company, ROTH International handles the complete disposal of your objects anywhere in the world. In addition to cutting, our portfolio of services also includes

All of these services will be provided by a single company. ROTH International uses only its own staff for any of these jobs. Your benefit - a single point of contact for all services. Guaranteed efficient project execution.