Recycling & recovery of lithium-ion batteries

Increasing consumption of lithium-ion batteries

Lithium recycling helps increase the reuse of resources

Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries have become indispensable in our daily lives. These batteries are used in many different areas, for example

  • Portable consumer electronics (mobile phones, smart phones, notebooks)
  • Household electronics
  • Electric mobility (hybrid vehicles, electric cars, pedelecs, electric bicycles, electric scooters)
  • Power tools (drills, grinders, saws, etc.)

At the same time, we are faced with the question of how best to dispose of these types of batteries, especially larger quantities thereof. The components of these batteries include cobalt, copper, nickel, and aluminum. We already have some recycling methods for these valuable waste materials which are considered particularly attractive for our economy.

High standards for materials separation

The limited availability of lithium requires sustainable recycling methods

Valuable resources contained in lithium-ion batteries.
While the existing recycling processes are capable of recycling the valuable materials such cobalt, copper, nickel and aluminum, the high standards for clean separation of these materials are difficult to meet. This leads to problems when it comes to the direct reuse of these components.

Demand for successful recycling of lithium.
The high consumption of lithium and its limited availability obviously call for the sustainable recycling of these batteries. Although new methods are being researched, there is currently no specialist waste management company capable of handling the recycling of lithium.

ROTH International researches lithium recycling

Development of own processes for the disposal of lithium batteries

Innovative methods and adequate know-how for successful recycling.
Faced with the current lack of a recycling technology capable of recycling virtually all components, ROTH International is conducting in-house scientific research. Thanks to years of experience in the field of dismantling, recycling and disposal, our team has acquired plenty of know-how needed to develop innovative methods.

Research on lithium recycling by ROTH International.
ROTH International is working hard on developing methods for recycling lithium. The new facility in Wernberg-Köblitz was designed specifically for the realization of a recycling plant for all components of lithium-ion batteries.

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Integrated disposal of the lithium-ion battery

ROTH International offers you a comprehensive services package for your disposal needs

With its recycling plant at the new facility in Wernberg-Köblitz, ROTH International will be able to handle the integrated disposal and recycling of lithium-ion batteries.

Collection and recycling of lithium-ion batteries.
We will take care of your batteries directly at the point of collection. We are mobile and independent of the infrastructure. As a first step, the lithium-ion batteries will be discharged. The discharged energy will also be reusable. This first step is the basis of our sustainable battery disposal management.

Professional stripping-down & recycling of lithium - soon no longer a problem.
As a second step, the batteries will be professionally stripped down into their individual components. However, there are high standards for the purity of the separated materials. This is the only way to guarantee the highest possible recycling level. This recycling process will be particularly efficient as virtually all components of the batteries can be recycled. Only minor non-recyclable parts will be disposed of professionally in our capacity as a certified specialist disposal company in accordance with Section 56 of the German Closed Substance Cycle and Waste Management Act (KrW-/AbfG).

ROTH International will handle the integrated disposal of your lithium-ion batteries, including the following services:

Until the completion of our unique recycling plant, we will be working with cooperation partners to guarantee the highest level of sustainable recycling possible.


Environmentally friendly recycling

Specialist for the disposal of objects and materials of all kinds

In addition to lithium-ion batteries, ROTH International also handles the disposal of other materials. This means that in addition to the recycling of batteries, we are also happy to offer the recycling of other items such as

Trust ROTH International to professionally handle the disassembly, cutting, stripping-down and disposal of your objects or materials. Where other specialist companies reach their limits, ROTH International comes to the rescue with its proprietary methods for cutting and separating materials.

Recycling of other objects by ROTH International.
ROTH International also believes in optimizing recycling processes and creating innovative technologies for efficient and sustainable results. That is why we also handle

  • Hydro power plants
  • Pipelines
  • Photovoltaic plants
  • Chemical plants
  • Dams, etc.


We are your specialist service provider for the recycling of materials.


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