Stripping down & separating CFRP / GFRP

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Innovative separation technologies for CFRP by ROTH International

The international experts for stripping down composites.
As a specialist for dismantling, ROTH International is familiar with carbon fibers and their properties. We have devised ways to successfully separate CFRP / GFRP from other composites. Hardly any other specialist company is able to cleanly separate carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) or glass fiber reinforced plastics (GFRP). That is why we are needed - all over the world.

Disassembly of stubborn materials - by ROTH International.
It was ROTH International who discovered the need for optimizing existing separation technologies for composites. Composites are combinations of several materials that cannot be separated so easily once they have been joined. These include above all carbon fiber reinforced (CFRP) and glass fiber reinforced (GFRP) plastics.

The increasing popularity of CFRP / GFRP makes good waste disposal management a necessity.
CFRP / GFRP is mainly used in the lightweight construction industry where it is used in many areas thanks to its special properties. CFRP / GFRP  is used in the following industries, for example:
    •    Automotive industry
    •    Pharmaceutics
    •    Means of transportation (bicycles)
    •    Energy technology (wind power)
    •    Mechanical engineering
    •    Aerospace engineering, etc.

Separation technologies by ROTH International

Optimized processes for the successful stripping-down of CFRP

Innovative technology for stripping down objects made of CFRP / GFRP.
ROTH International is looking back at many years of experience in the field of selective demolition. Since cutting and recycling composites was previously considered problematic, ROTH International developed its own processes. Despite the multitude of materials with different properties, we have developed special processes in cooperation with various research institutes.

Unique application of successful separation processes for CFRP / GFRP.
The particularly clean separation of individual materials is a prerequisite for the environmentally aware use of our resources. Cutting composites such as CFRP or GFRP which are in contact with resin is particularly difficult and costly. The effective use of ROTH International's innovative methods will help you achieve good results. We work to increase resource efficiency by working to achieve a high level of recycling.


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Roth’s all-round package for objects made of CFRP / GFRP

Disassembly, cutting, stripping-down, recycling and disposal

Effective project implementation with a single service provider.
We will handle the disassembly, cutting, stripping-down, recycling and professional disposal of your objects made of CFRP / GFRP. All services are performed exclusively by staff members from our own team. Your benefits: Effective project implementation with a single point of contact.

Procedure of stripping down objects made of CFRP / GFRP.
Individual parts on the object are dismantled and large pieces are cut into smaller, easy-to-transport individual parts. After comminution, the composites are broken down into individual materials. Sustainable recycling is only possible with the particularly clean separation of materials.

Recycling and disposal of objects made of CFRP / GFRP.
The various materials are either recycled in an environmentally friendly manner or disposed of professionally. ROTH International is certified as a specialist disposal company in accordance with Section 56 of the German Closed Substance Cycle and Waste Management Act (KrW-/AbfG) and as such guarantees that the disposal of CFRP / GFRP will meet the desired standards.

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