Park & check of aircraft

The brand new service from ROTH International


Rising to the occasion in the current crisis, we have pulled out all stops to provide our clientele with the safest and most convenient aircraft parking: Using precision measuring and sophisticated logistics, we are now offering facilities in Ostrava for short and long-term parking and immobilizing up to 100 aircraft of all types.


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Parking- & hangarspace for aircraft

With a length of 3,5 km (2,2 miles) the runway is even suitable for an Airbus A380

Parking & commissioning aircraft in Europe
Special times require special solutions. For us, this means making the impossible possible for our clientele.

Combining precise measuring skills with our passion for sophisticated logistics solutions, we have improved and expanded our parking and immobilizing facilities for aircraft.

The latest aircraft technologies & services from a single source
Team up with ROTH International to enjoy an all-inclusive range of services for your aircraft! To address all of your needs, we are now offering up to 100 parking spaces and hangar areas for all aircraft types at the Ostrava airport in Czech Republic. With an airstrip length 3.5 kilometers, this airport accommodates even aircraft like the Airbus A380 or Boeing 747.

Now is the time to park your aircraft with ROTH International.


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Immobilizing aircraft

With extraordinary diligence & care. Professional, sophisticated & long-term immobilization of aircraft - the latest service from ROTH International

The current situation is a challenge that calls upon us to respond and act swiftly and provide solutions to the aircraft industry's problems for our clientele. We have moved heaven and earth to create new facilities for immobilizing large numbers of aircraft for extended periods of time.

Working with passion and precision, we handle every step of aircraft immobilization to the highest standards to preserve both aircraft and fluids in optimum condition for extended periods of time.

Professional aircraft immobilization - now available from ROTH International.


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Airplane full service with ROTH International

From parking, immobilizing and dismantling of aircraft all the way to A, B, C and D checking and delivery. We offer optimized solutions to address every challenge.

Parking of aircraft
Aircraft of all kind can be parked on our parking areas at the airport of Ostrava in the Czeck Republic for a short or a longer period of time. In addition to our long term parking service, we also offer the conservation of your aircraft. We seal them professionally in order to preserve the substance in the best possible way.

A-, B-, C-, D-check and handing over of aircraft
If airplanes were parked over a longer term, certain checks are necessary to be able to put them back into service. We take care of all necessary arrangements.

  • Return of the seal to the ability to fly
  • Professional check: all necessary aircraft checks, such as A, B, C, or D-Check are carried out directly on site
  • Handing over the aircraft to airlines or leasing companies

Shutdown and maintenance of aircraft in the hangar
In our dry and heated hangar areas we carry out maintenance work and the removal of spare parts and inventory.

Storing and selling spare parts of aircraft
In our storage area in Ostrava we wearhouse dismantled aircraft parts for our customer, provide it and sell them. A resource-saving handling of aircraft parts is particularly important to us, to reuse as many components as possible, instead of disposing them.

Stripping-down and shredding aircraft
We disassemble your decommissioned aircraft. Flightless aircrafts are disassembled directly on site into transportable pieces. We have rented various areas for flyable aircraft in Ostrava (Czeck Republic) for disassembly, dismantling and storage. Regardless of location, infrastructure and other factors, we are able to shred aircraft worldwide. We take care of raw material and environmentally friendly recycling of all possible parts oft the aircraft, including the tires and to dispose only the necessary or the none-recycable.

Puchase of aircraft
Roth International buys aircrafts of all kind. Whether still able to fly or not. Parts that are still usable, such as cockpit, suspension or engine, we like to dismantle for you and return it directly to you for further use.

Environmentally friendly handling of aircraft resources

Worldwirde service with ROTH International with AFRA

Roth International is a member of the Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association, also known as AFRA, and operates to the required standards. Compliance with the Best Management Practice (BMP) Guide is a matter of course for all operational areas:

Parking, checking, immobilizing and stripping-down of aircraft.
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