Recycling & recovery of electric cars

E-car recycling by ROTH International

Recycling of body, electrics & battery

Recycling of electric cars as a source of high-quality materials.
ROTH International recycles entire electric vehicles. Electric cars are chock full of rare and precious materials. At the end of their lives, these vehicles are way too good for the junkyard.

ROTH International makes it possible to reuse the precious materials.
ROTH uses elaborate recycling processes to prepare the materials for recycling. ROTH International has developed methods allowing the near-total recycling of these materials.

Recycling of individual components

Recycling of the entire electric car

Electric vehicles contain a multitude of different components and materials.

The electric car as a new source of raw materials
ROTH International recycles all parts of your electric car:

  • Body recycling (aluminum & CFRP recycling)
  • Electric motor recycling
  • Transmission recycling
  • Electronics recycling
  • Lithium-ion battery recycling
  • Control & power electronics

Environmentally friendly electric car recycling - by ROTH International.


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Recycling of valuable materials like CFRP & lithium

Cutting-edge methods for the reuse of e-car components

Recycling of CFRP materials from the bodies of electric cars.
The best way to make electric cars more efficient is by reducing resistance, i.e., by reducing their weight. The use of carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) allows the design of particularly lightweight car bodies. ROTH International knows how to recycle CFRO even though it is a composite material. ROTH'S specially developed methods guarantee eco-friendly CFRP recycling.

Environmentally sound recycling of alternative drives using lithium-ion batteries.
ROTH International handles even the recycling of lithium-ion batteries. Our unique processes allow us to recycle not only cobalt, copper and nickel, but even lithium carbonate.


Eco-friendly and innovative recycling

Specialist for the recycling of multiple materials

We do more than recycle entire electric vehicles. ROTH International is specialized in recycling materials from a wide range of objects. Thanks to our recycling expertise, we also know how to handle:

Trust ROTH International to professionally handle the disassembly, cutting, stripping-down and disposal of your objects or materials. Where other specialist companies reach their limits, ROTH International comes to the rescue with its proprietary methods for cutting and separating materials.