Recycling & recovery of photovoltaic modules

Materials recovery from PV plants

Economical recycling of PV modules

We are in business worldwide in the recycling of photovoltaic installations.
ROTH International recycles all types and sizes of PV modules. We recycle large projects, production waste, decommissioned or pre-damaged modules to enable the recovery of valuable raw materials.

Reconditioning of PV systems makes ecological & economic sense.
The enormous increase in PV waste will pose new challenges for waste management companies in the future. ROTH International is one of the few waste management companies developing innovative methods for efficient and cost-effective recycling processes.

We take care of your old photovoltaic modules.


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Novel methods for PV module recycling

Recovery of all raw materials from PV modules

We fine-tune existing methods for optimum recycling results for PV systems.
ROTH International processes modules for efficient and cost-effective recycling. We dismantle, sort and recycle plastic parts, glass & aluminum frames. Most of the plant is recycled to a high degree.

ROTH International uses innovative recycling processes to recover silicon for optimum PV recycling.
ROTH International uses innovative recycling processes to recover broken solar cells. The aim of pretreatment processing is to end up with as few environmentally harmful residues as possible. This keeps disposal costs to a minimum.

Upcycling of PV modules

Increasing the value during recycling

Advantages for the production of new PV systems when using recycled materials.
By recycling PV systems, we not only enable their reuse, we even increase the value of the various components. The manufacturers of photovoltaic modules benefit from cost savings when using recycled materials.

ROTH International researches & develops new and innovative methods for optimized PV systems recycling.
Due to the enormous longevity of photovoltaic systems, it will take a few years for photovoltaic waste to increase significantly. ROTH International is constantly fine-tuning its methods to create a general procedure for all module types and for cutting process costs.

Our innovative methods allow us to achieve a high degree of PV recycling.


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