Recycling & recovery of aircraft

Recycling of raw materials from aircraft

Sustainable materials recovery of aircraft materials

ROTH International is in the business of recycling aircraft - a valuable raw materials source.
We believe in integrated aircraft recycling to recoup a huge spectrum of valuable raw materials such as aluminum, copper, stainless steel, titanium, etc., from decommissioned aircraft. Increasing ecological awareness & scarcity of resources make maximum materials recovery more important than ever - and ROTH International is happy to provide that service.

Development of sustainable recycling technologies for aircraft.
ROTH International is continuously working to improve its environmentally friendly technologies for aircraft recycling. We recycle composite materials (CFRP / GFRP) from aircraft direct reuse. Other waste management companies usually reach their limits when trying to recycle these difficult materials.

Environmentally sound recycling in accordance with AFRA

ROTH International is a member of the Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association

Guide to a sustainable approach to aircraft recycling.
The Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association, or AFRA, has developed a Best Management Practices (BMP) disassembly guide. ROTH International believes in compliance with the prescribed standards. This is our way of guaranteeing safe, efficient and sustainable aircraft recycling.

Innovative recycling methods, developed in special research institutions.
As a member of AFRA, ROTH International is developing new techniques to improve the methods currently used. We are developing innovative methods for complete materials recovery from aircraft and for optimizing the existing cutting technologies.

We recycle your aircraft - in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way.


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New recycling methods for aircraft

Innovative processes for optimized results

Specialists trained in virtually residue-free, eco-friendly & sustainable recycling.

We, the specialists for recycling, know how to neatly separate even difficult composite materials. Only a high degree of purity allows virtually residue-free recycling of materials. ROTH International is specialized in the integrated & eco-friendly disposal of materials from aircraft such as aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, plastics, CFRP & GFRP.

Forward-looking recycling technologies for aircraft. 

We optimize the methods for aircraft materials recovery. We use innovative processes, some of them developed in-house, for recycling aircraft. These methods work equally well for recycling other items and recycling them to the secondary raw materials market:

We also recycle the following materials:

Special CFRP/GFRP materials recycling

ROTH International is recycling CFRP / GFRP for direct reuse

Unparalleled materials recovery of CFRP / GFRP by ROTH International.

Thanks to years of experience in demolition & recycling, ROTH International is an expert for materials recovery from carbon-fiber reinforced & glass-fiber reinforced plastics. Our highly advanced cutting  & separation technologies are the perfect basis for the environmentally sound recycling of difficult-to-separate composite materials.

Guaranteed environmentally sound handling of CFRP / GFRP resources from aircraft.

Only very few waste management companies have the know-how to recycle carbon and glass-fiber reinforced plastics. We, ROTH International, guarantee the sustainable handling of composite materials:

We have no problems handling difficult materials like CFRP or GFRP from aircraft.


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