ROTH International - Logo
We are there when
others already give up.
"Roth International" strives to position itself,
as a customer and market oriented company. It’s our aim to excel in customer satisfaction, personal development of employees, and respect for different cultures. Protection of the environment is considered as inseparable and compatible with the profit interests of the shareholders.
  • Ensure customer satisfaction at the highest level
  • Constant development of specialized technical skills
  • Expand global presence step by step
  • Ongoing investment in employee education and satisfaction
  • Reliability
    As a representative of the company, we act always bindingly towards all internal and external parties concerned.
  • Liability
    Strengthen and stimulate individual responsibility through clearly communicated tasks and goals.
  • Respect
    Use, but respect different capabilities and cultural diversity.
  • Team spirit
    Our success is based on the contribution of our employees as a team. Every employee is aware, that success as team is more important than the achievement of the individual.
  • Sustainability
    Our goal is to protect the environment and to contribute sustainable overall environmental situation.